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The Vanoise and Grand Paradis parks jointly form the largest nature reserve in Europe (a protected area of 1250m²)

Created in 1922 thanks to a donation from the State of King Victor-Emmanuel III of Savoy of a portion of his legendary hunting grounds, makes the Grand Paradis Park the oldest national park in Italy.

Hundreds of species of animals and plants cohabitate within the 70 000-hectare park and are protected in this marvellous alpine terrain. The park straddles the Aoste and Piemont valleys.

One of the principal reasons for the creation of the park was to protect the park’s most symbolic animal: the alpine ibex. A mere 461 ibex survived the 2nd World War in the entire world and they were all found within the Park boundaries.

Once considered as an obstacle to economic growth and to free use of the land, the Grand Paradis Park gradually became highly respected and protected by all.


Today it organises a number of initiatives and events to astutely combine the protection and sustainable development of the lands


Rules of conduct

  • Take your rubbish back down to the valley
  • Leave the insects, flowers, mineral where they are
  • Campfires and tents in designated areas only
  • Leave the wild animals alone
  • Stat on the paths and mule tracks
  • Leave dogs at home where possible
  • Parasailing forbidden
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