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Valleys, rock faces, mountains, ridges, sharp peaks… The Vanoise range is first and foremost a high mountain zone, offering unique insight; every place possesses its very own microcosm, atmosphere and ingenuity. As the primary national park in France, its role is to preserve and protect nature, to open its gateways to the general public and to participate in local development.

Originally the name Vanoise referred to the high mountain pass at an altitude of 2770m at the foot of La Grande Casse, culminating at an altitude of 3855m. It now more widely describes the immense glaciers overlooking the Vanoise Park: the Vanoise glaciers. Today the name Vanoise can be heard describing the vast area encompassing the entire national park, both central and peripheral, between the Arc and Isere waterways. These major rivers respectively traverse the Haute Maurienne valley to the south-west and the Tarentaise to the north-west.

The Vanoise territory represents an intense, powerful nature, especially within the protected zone in the centre of the park. The Vanoise National Park shares 14 km of its boundary line with the Grand Paradis Park in Italy making it the largest protected area in the Western Alps.

A series of prairies, lakes, forests and glaciers overlooked by rockslides and grassy hillsides. This mosaic of nature is home to a typically alpine plant and animal life: over 1700 species of flowering plants and ferns have been identified here, plus the emblematic wildlife: chamois, ibex, bearded vulture and marmot. A protected nature reserve of rare beauty.


Rules of conduct

  • Rules of conduct
  • No dogs allowed, even on a lead.
  • No picking or gathering of the plant life.
  • No firearms
  • No dropping waste
  • No fires
  • No noise or disturbance
  • No vehicles
  • No aerial sports
  • No MTB
  • Download the rules of conduct