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The Club des Sports de Val d’Isère invites you to participate in the first edition of the 5 Vals Trail (Solo or Duo).

This cross-border trail, taking place in stages over two days, has the characteristic of crossing 5 municipalities: Bonneval-sur-Arc, Val d´Isère, as well as the Italian municipalities of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Valsavarenche and Ceresole Reale.

These villages had always had commercial and family relations forcing the men of this territory to move through a network of paths that time had, little by little, partly erased.

Thanks to the collaboration of the municipalities and under the benevolent vigilance of the Parc de la Vanoise and that of Grand Paradis, the Sports Club of Val d’Isère offers you this new trail.

Come and spend two days in breathtaking landscapes where the preservation of nature is the only sustainable prerogative of this space.

Characteristics: Trail in stage: 95.30 kilometers and 6630 meters of elevation gain

Day 1: 47.1 kilometers and 3400 D +

Day 2: 48.2 kilometers and 3230 D +

Ice zones: Rhêmes Golette Glacier

Passes: Col de Picheru, Col de Rhêmes-Golette, Col du Rosset, Col du Carro, Col de l’Iseran, Col de la Lose.

Map of the route: see below