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Altitude: 1619m

Location: Orco Valley, landlocked between the Grand Paradis mountains and Levanne, Piemont, Italy

Park: Grand Paradis National Park

Special features: It is named after an ancient “ceresiolae” forest, meaning small cherry, which grew there in olden times.

The village is located amidst an expanse surrounded by majestic mountains whose peaks are mirrored in the crystal-clear lakes below.

The village has 169 inhabitants. Its highest point is 1619m. The routes to the neighbouring villages are of particular interest via the following mountain passes:

Nivolet pass, linking Ceresole Reale to the village of Valsavarenche (one of the most fascinating zones of the Aoste valley and Piemont with its rolling hills, grasslands and pristine lakes)

Carro and Losa passes (with the nearby Galisia pass) which connects Ceresole Reale to Val d’Isère, in France. The Losa pass is of particular historical importance as during the war it was used as a trade route for the exchange of basic necessities. This is why the Ceresole Reale to Val d`Isere route is today still known as the “salt path”.

The woods, grasslands, rocks, lakes, glaciers and the distinctive height of the Nivolet pass (2600m) offering splendid views of the Grand Paradis range typify the décor.

Early occupations: “Royal” title and the right to hunt chamois and ibe

Summer activities: Excursions, sailing on the lake aboard one of the engine-free water crafts (paddle boat, wind sail, kayak, and rowing boat)

Winter activities: Alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing.