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Altitude: 1541m


Location: Aoste valley, Northern Italy


Park: Grand Paradis National Park, Italy


Special features: This 24-kilometre-long narrow valley, with its tree covered slopes and striking Grand Paradis mountains, including the only summit over 4000m in Italy, as a backdrop make it a genuine heaven for lovers of authentic places and an easily accessible wilderness. A place of lakes and peatlands, Valsavarenche is endowed with an incredibly rich flora and fauna.

There are strong historical, cultural and economic links between the Piemontese, Valdotaine and Savoyard valleys. Their shared history dates back over centuries.


Early occupations: Trading salt in exchange for rice. A passing place for armaments and men.


Summer activities: A haven of outdoor activities: excursions, mountaineering, MTB


Winter activities: Cross country skiing, ski touring, snow shoeing, alpine skiing