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Altitude : 2713m

Location :At the far end of the Maurienne Valley, Savoy, France

Park : Vanoise National Park

Special features: Classed as one of France`s most picturesque villages, Bonneval sur Arc is also the highest village in France. It is the last village before commencing the ascent of the Iseran mountain pass which then drops down to Val d`Isere. Created as a family friendly ski resort in 1967, the highest ski slopes are at 3000m where the skier can admire a remarkable panoramic view. The heavy snowfalls allow the ski resort to remain open from mid-December to late April.

Early occupations: Piemontese shepherd (who watched over herds of cows, sheep, goats etc)

Summer activities: Hiking, cannoning, parasailing, MTB, mountaineering, via ferrata and climbing.