Stage F

From Refuge Chivasso/Savoia to Refuge Benevolo via Col Basei

Usefull information

Countries crossed : Italie

Positive elevation +867 m

Negative elevation -1156 m

Duration 6 h

Distance 12 km

Level Difficult

Itinerary details


From Refuge Chivasso/Savoia to the start of the rocky section

1 h 35

2.90 km

+300 m

-54 m

Going straight down under the Chivasso Refuge, you reach the tarmac road. On the left, a sign indicates the start of the route.

After a few minutes, the path rises through the meadows, so leave the branch to the right that goes to the alpine farm (towards Taou Blanc and Col Leynir) to go left towards the Rosset Stream. After crossing it, walk along the plateau, crossing the same stream a second time. Before Lake Leytà, an arrow sign marks the fork to the left towards Col Basei.

The grass and dirt path really climbs, forming switchbacks, and then passes over a slightly raised section.

A part equipped with fixed ropes and some iron steps leads successively to a flatter, stony place.

From the rocky section to Col Basei

1 h 15

2.10 km

+422 m

-43 m

Continuing south-west, the trail forms a semi-circle without gaining altitude. Then you pass a detrital area over rocky terrain marked by several cairns, which indicates that during the season, the snowfields persist until Col Basei (3175m). On this last part, the path disappears. There are then 2 or 3 possible routes indicated by cairns to access Col Basei. This is shown by a rather imposing pyramid. Optionally, it takes 20 minutes to climb the southern Basei point.

From the col to Punta Basei


1 km

+125 m

-3 m

After a narrow section, the trail follows a fairly wide ridge from where you can admire the Basei Glacier on the left. Even without the snow, it’s an easy section to the foot of the summit rock.

Here, the trail ends after a few bends on the slope before crossing the ridge under the last rocky outcrop of the east-facing side. The 15m wall is cut through with solid holds but, above all, is equipped with a fixed rope. Above this step on side II, the final ridge is close to the summit. Made up of pebbles, the traverse requires little attention. From the cross, the 360° panorama is highly evocative.

Descent to Refuge Benevolo

2 h 30

6.40 km

+20 m

-1053 m

From the large cairn which characterises the pass, walk 100m along this comfortable ridge then descend to the left on a rather steep pebbly path which turns and follows the cairns which mark the bottom of the valley.

Then, you reach the clearly visible route of the path on the moraine which descends towards the grassy meadows. On the way, the path passes over a brief sloping rocky section before traversing the pastures inhabited by countless marmots. After passing above a gorge eroded by glacial water, you arrive at the Benevolo Refuge.

Points of interest

  • From the top of Punta Basei, the 360° panorama is truly breathtaking. Here is a list of the main points: Starting from the North towards the East, Grand Combin, nearer Taou Blanc, Dent d’Herens, Cervino, Grivola and Rosa, Grand Paradis, La Tresenta, Becca di Montchair and Pointe Foura form a beautiful crown above the Nivolet and Ceresole Reale lakes. The Levana to the south-east, to the south Ciamarella, Albaron, the Grande Aiguille Rousse, south-west in front of Pointe Bousson and Pointe de la Galise. In the background to the west, Grande Motte and Grande Casse, La Tsanteleina, Grande and Petite Sassière. Finally in the north-west the Grande Traversière and Mont Blanc.
  • Just before the summit there is a window through the rock.


Before setting off, it’s important you:

  • Are fully informed (advice from professionals – instructors, guides); choose an activity and route adapted to your physical abilities, motivation and experience; take into account those who are with you; check the weather forecast for the day and don’t hesitate to change your plans if conditions are unfavourable.
  • Prepare properly: never head off alone, check your equipment, reserve your place at the refuge, check your personal insurance.
  • Equip yourself properly: take with you something to eat and drink; clothing suitable for what you have planned; a map.


  • Walking boots
  • Protection from the sun
  • Windproof jacket
  • Rainwear
  • Head lamp